ds32 Repairs

Thinklabs ds32a / ds32a+ can be serviced and repaired in our lab.  Most repairs are easy and reasonably quick to complete.  Replacing the H section (tension bridge) takes a little longer as this does require re-wiring this part from the battery case to the ear pieces.
Earpieces can be replaced by the customer unless you prefer us to do so:
1. Soft silicon ear tips can be removed and pushed back onto the ear assembly. These are available in pairs on our Online Store.
2. Ear assembly. This is the black hard plastic 'screw on' piece onto which the soft silicon ear tip is placed. These are also available on our Online Store. The positioning of this part on the stethoscope once it is screwed on is crucial to the sound quality.
If you are having issues other than the above with your stethoscope, please send it to us so that we can evaluate it.  To return your stethoscope:

1. Fill in the 
Repair and Return Form 
2. Insert the printed Repair and Return Form in the box with the stethoscope to be returned.
3. Attach the shipping label to the box and send in your stethoscope.