Cleaning One

Thinklabs One was designed with smooth surfaces and built with high quality materials to facilitate cleaning. One can be cleaned with most alcohol and bleach wipes that are commonly used in hospitals, including: 

  • Alcohol wipes  

  • Cavi-Wipes

  • Sani-Cloth Plus

  • Dispatch

We conducted a series of tests to determine if any of these disinfecting agents would damage the One.  The stethoscope was exposed continuously to each agent for five days (e.g., 120 hours of continuous exposure).  *Steriplex was the only product that we found to damage the chrome of the stethoscope.  For this reason we do not recommend using Steriplex to clean the One.*

For more information about the care and cleaning of One, as well as the importance of disinfecting medical devices in the fight against infectious diseases, and disclaimers regarding the cleaning of our product, please visit our Website.