One and Telemedicine Videoconferencing Systems

Thinklabs One connects to almost any platform, including PCs, Macs, laptops and mobile devices.  The direct analog audio output allows One to be used as a simple external microphone for any system -- no special software or API required.

To set up One in a telemedicine application on a mobile device, use Thinklink (
instructions here) to connect One to a microphone or line input on your system and assign the microphone source to the input being used. As long as your videoconferencing system can accept an external analog sound source, such as an external microphone, you can connect One directly.

To connect One to a computer, we recommend using a USB device instead of the Thinklink (see attached article). We like the AudioTechnica ATR2USB.

With Thinklink, you can capture sounds with almost any recording app, including Audacity and Twisted Wave, or Thinklabs Wave.  One of our favorites is WhatsApp, which allows you to include your own voice recording, capture patient sounds, attach them to a text message and send it anywhere.

For live listening, the situation is a bit more challenging, because many tele- and videoconferencing systems compress the audio channel, resulting in diminished sound quality. We have found a number of systems that work well in
reproducing auscultation sounds:  Zoom, the videoconferencing platform; Polycom, Cisco, VSee, and Vidyo. 

To find out more about using One in telemedicine or to request a telemedicine demo, please visit our 
website or call us at (800) 918-1088.


Instructions_for_USB_Connection_1-1.pdf Instructions_for_USB_Connection_1-1.pdf