How do I wear One?

Thinklabs One is exceptionally easy to wear -- much lighter and smaller than a conventional stethoscope.  Because One has a standard 3.5 mm jack, you can connect your favorite audio headphones instead of having to use the old fashioned binaurals.  This provides many options for wearing and using your One.  

Some customers use One with the included Thinklabs ear bud headphones with the cable around the neck, carrying the stethoscope in a jacket or pants pocket. Others like to use 
Beats Pro over-the-ear, AKG Y40 on-the-ear headphones, or other high-quality over-the-ear headphones. They wear the headphones around the neck and carry One in a pocket. In these cases, the stethoscope and headphones remain connected.  For users who want even more comfort and a personalized style, we also recommend using a fabric sleeve that encases the earphone wires. These can be viewed and purchased on Etsy.

For users who don't like ear buds being displayed on themselves (as if they listen to music during their practice), they wind the cable around the stethoscope and place ear buds and One together in a pocket.

When we designed One, we realized it was a departure from the conventional look of a doctor or nurse. One is for those confident enough to lead a trend. It's not for everyone, but we can say that those who are using it haven't gone back.  

To see illustrations for how One is worn and for other information, visit our