Telemedicine Demos and Evaluation Devices

Thinklabs offers a Demo Program for Telemedicine customers. In this case, the evaluation period is 30 days. We stay in touch with you during that time to offer full technical support and to answer your questions as they arise.

We require a credit card to be placed on file with us during the demo period. 
We will hold the card information for 30 days and bill the card only if:

     1. We do not hear back from you within 30 Days
     2. We do not receive the device back from you within 30 days.

Thinklabs will attempt to contact you via the email address you provide prior to billing the card.

Please call us at 800-918-1088 to provide credit card information.
DO NOT email credit card details.

Return Procedure
To return the stethoscope at the completion of your trial period:
1. Fill in the 
Repair and Return Form 
2. Insert the printed form in the box to be returned.
3. Send in your stethoscope.
4. *Note that the stethoscope must be in mint condition with all accessories and packaging included.*

For more information on the return process, visit our Demo Return Article