Help! My Thinklabs One got wet

If your stethoscope got wet, or if liquid has leaked into it, follow these steps to dry it out:

1. Unscrew the diaphragm ring, remove the diaphragm, and, holding your finger against the plate behind the diaphragm (on the silver circle), shake the One to get as much liquid out as possible.

2. Let it dry! Do NOT try to charge the stethoscope or even turn it on while it's wet. Shake out all the liquid and allow it to dry. Do a Google search for drying cell phones; there are lots of tricks out there!

3. AFTER it's dry, carefully replace the diaphragm and diaphragm ring. Read the instructions for doing so, taking care not to damage the sensitive thread on the One by screwing it on incorrectly.

4. AFTER it's dry and you've closed it up, try turning it on and testing it out. If it sounds okay, and seems to be working, you're probably alright. Try charging the One, but only if you're convinced it's working and dry inside. If it doesn't work, contact us immediately.

WARNING: Lithium Ion batteries can explode if not used correctly. Contact Us if you have any questions or have any doubts about the condition of your One.