How do I change the automatic shutoff time on One?

The One is set to automatically turn off after two minutes. However, you can change the Auto Shutoff time to be anywhere from 1-10 minutes. To change the Auto Shutoff time:

1. Turn on One by pressing any key.

2. Click the Alt Key to indicate the number of minutes you'd like to program for Auto Shutoff. If you'd like a 1-minute Auto Shutoff time, click once; for 2 minutes, click twice; for 10 minutes, click 10 times. DO NOT CLICK MORE THAN 10 TIMES if you want Auto Shutoff to operate.

3. Now Push and Hold the Alt Key until the One shuts off. This will take about 15 seconds. Your One is now programmed.

Constant On Mode - Disabling Auto Shutoff- NOT RECOMMENDED

Perform the same procedure as above, but Click the Alt Key AT LEAST 11 times in Step 2.