Return Your Stethoscope

To return your stethoscope:

1. Fill in the 
Repair and Return Form 
2. Insert the printed form in the box to be returned.
3. Send in your stethoscope.

Thinklabs offers a 30-day money back guarantee.  We make every effort to please our customers.  We will endeavor to respond to all questions and requests, subject to the Terms and Conditions below:

1. The product must be returned in the original packaging.

2. All contents of the original purchase must be included (product, manuals, accessories, packing materials - boxes and sleeve).

3. The product and packaging must be returned in "AS NEW" condition. This includes the condition of the product, accessories AND packaging itself.

4. Any damage to the product, accessories or packaging, or any missing items, may reduce your refund.

5. You must pay all return shipping. Original shipping costs will be subtracted from your refund. 

6. We reserve the right to give you more than 30 days to return a product, but this does not waive any of the above terms and conditions, other than the 30-day limit, and you must obtain additional time in writing from us.

7. We ask that you explain the reason for returning the product, so that we may understand the source of your dissatisfaction and continue to improve our products and service.