Auscultation and Telemedicine

Stethoscope sounds are extremely challenging to transmit in telemedicine. Selecting the right hardware and software is critical to the success of your program. 

Thinklabs One connects to almost any hardware platform, including PCs, Macs, laptops and mobile devices. The direct analog audio output allows One to be used as a simple external microphone for any system -- no special software or API required. 

To set up One in a telemedicine application on a mobile device, use Thinklink to connect One to a microphone or line input on your system and assign the microphone source to the input being used. As long as your videoconferencing system can accept an external analog sound source, such as an external microphone, you can connect One directly. 

To connect One to a computer, as well as some carts, we recommend using a USB audio device (see instructions attached to this article). 

Regarding video conferencing software, choose carefully! Many videoconferencing systems compress the audio channel, resulting in diminished sound quality. We've found a handful of videoconferencing software programs that work extremely well in reproducing auscultation sounds: AmWell, Zoom, VidyoConnect, VSee, Cisco and Polycom. 

To find out more about using One in telemedicine or to apply to the Telemedicine Integrator Program, please visit our website or call us at (800) 918-1088.

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