The sound is distorted or cuts out when listening.

If you're not getting consistently clear sound with Thinklabs One, possible problems and solutions include:

  • Volume is set too high. Reduce Volume level.
  • Excessive pressure is being applied when listening. Decrease pressure for loud sounds.
  • If you're using in-ear headphones, your headphones may not be sealed in the auditory canals, so the speaker cones are moving with no resistance and the One's power is driving them hard. Try sealing your in-ear headphones.
  • If you're using on-ear or over-the-ear headphones, your headphones might not be up to the task of reproducing the bass signal of One. Even high-priced headphones aren't always designed for strong bass. 
  • One is not being held in a firm and steady position, or is not being held with a steady pressure against the patient. Changing pressure is akin to vibration. Thinklabs' EmD diaphragm can sense frequencies down to the subsonic range, in order to cover the whole audio spectrum for murmur detection. Vibrations caused by patient or user hand movement are also sometimes sensed as loud signals that distort body sounds. Hold One steady with a light but consistent pressure against the patient. If in a moving situation (ambulance, aircraft) it sometimes helps to hold the One stethoscope so that the fingers holding your stethoscope also touch the patient chest wall, so that stethoscope and chest wall move in unison.

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