Improving the Quality of Recordings on External Devices

Because we’re using analog signals, the audio recording quality depends on the quality of the device you’re using. In our experience, new iPhones have super good audio quality and older ones too. New iPads are good as well. In the Android world, it’s more varied. In the laptop world, Macbooks do a good job and again, due the variation in the PC world, it’s harder to nail down the best candidates. 

What we’re saying is that you have to experiment a bit with your own equipment, because there are too many Android and Windows devices in the world to get too specific. If you find that your device is really good, let us know and we’ll edit this article.


If you put the recordings into an audio editor like Thinklabs Audacity, or Adobe Audition, or TwistedWave, you can run the sounds through a filter and cut a lot of the noise your recording device inflicted on the signals.

Also, you can connect a USB Audio device, such as the Audio Technica ATR2USB into your device, thereby adding an external audio device that’s much better than what your laptop has.

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