Hearing Aid Options

Thinklabs has many customers with hearing impairment who have success with Thinklabs One. Your success will depend on what style hearing aid you wear. To see a list of hearing aid styles, and find out how each works with the One, please look at our Hearing Aid Guide.

There are several options for using One with hearing aids:

Option 1: Use your favorite audio headphones.
This is by far the best, easiest option for auscultation. Whatever kind of hearing aids you wear, audio headphones will enhance your listening on the One.  If the hearing aids are open-fit, meaning there's a pathway or small orifice through which ambient sound can reach the eardrums, headphones are a great way to listen. If your hearing aids are closed-fit (ear canal is blocked), you rely on your hearing aids to amplify sounds. Low frequency sounds, such as bass from heart sounds, can be difficult for hearing aids to reproduce.  In this case, the best option is to look for headphones that are comfortable and give you good bass.

Most headphones that are wireless still provide an audio cable for connection to the stethoscope. 

*A note on selecting headphones:  While One works well with any over-the-ear or on-the-ear headphones, we recommend Beats Pro over-the-ear and AKG Y40 on-the-ear headphones.  We encourage you to try the One with your favorite headphones.  If they work well for music with a lot of bass, they will probably be great for auscultation, too.  

Option 2: Use a streamer
These accessories are produced and sold by the hearing aid manufacturer. Streamers transmit audio to hearing aids wirelessly.  The One connects to any audio device that has a 3.5mm input jack, and most streamers have this connection. Ask your audiologist if you have open- or closed-fit hearing aids and verify that they connect to a streamer with a 3.5mm input jack. Many Thinklabs customers like using the One stethoscope this way. The main factor is whether your hearing aids are programmed to reproduce low frequencies adequately, and that they are closed-fit. If you use a streamer with a 2.5 mm jack (e.g., Oticon Pro, Siemens) -  you can connect the stethoscope to a such streamers, but an adapter cable between 3.5mm and 2.5mm would be used. The hearing aid company can most likely provide this, given that most audio devices use 3.5mm.

Option 3: Use a Bluetooth transmitter.
Connect a Bluetooth transmitter to the Thinklabs One and transmit via Bluetooth to the streamer, which then relays the sound to the hearing aids. While this can work, we generally feel that the direct cable connection between the One and the streamer is simpler. If you choose to connect with bluetooth to your streamer, make sure the streamer is able to pair and receive A2DP Bluetooth. See the recommended Bluetooth transmitter

Option 4: Cochlear Implants

Thinklabs One can connect to Cochlear implants using the Mini-Microphone 2+ (MM2+). The MiniMic connects to the following cochlear implant sound processors: 

  • Nucleus 6
  • Nucleus 7
  • Kanso

It will also work with: 

  • Baha 4
  • Baha 5
  • Baha 5 Power
  • Baha 5 SuperPower

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