Why does the Thinklabs One sound "tinny?"

The One provides rich, full body sounds through headphones with deep bass. However, if you experience thin or "tinny" sounds through your headphones, consider the following resolution steps to fix it.

  • Ensure your headphones are up to the task. Some headphones are not capable of meeting the minimum bass requirements to hear heart and lung sounds. For information on recommended headphones, click here.
  • Ensure the headphones are plugged all the way into the recessed jack on the side of the Thinklabs One. If the plug does not fit comfortably into the jack, use the headphone adapter provided with the One and available in the Thinklabs store.
  • Ensure you select a lower frequency filter for lower pitch sounds (Bell) or a higher frequency filter for higher pitch sounds (Diaphragm). For more information on filters, click here

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