What can I do if the One is producing interference or noise?

The One should provide a low-noise, high-quality signal if properly placed against the skin and connected to headphones with quality bass. However, if you continue having issues with artifact sounds, there are other possible culprits, including the following:

Radio stations or electromagnetic pickupMove One to a location that does not have strong electromagnetic fields. One has been hardened against such interference, but it is technical possible, albeit unlikely, that noise can be induced by such sources.
Continuous loud buzzingOPTION 1: The diaphragm is loose. Tighten the diaphragm retainer ring to resolve the issue.


OPTION 2: One is connected to other equipment that is either producing its own buzzing or noise, or has grounding problems that are inducing noise in the system. Try disconnecting the One from the equipment and listening through the stethoscope. If the problem goes away, the One is not the issue. If it persists, check the diaphragm or contact Thinklabs Support.
Thunder-like noises from the stethoscopeNoises may change when you press the stethoscope. A foreign object like lint has invaded the One, and a quick cleaning will solve the problem. For more information on cleaning the One, click here.

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