What are the preferred headphones to use with the Thinklabs One?

While Thinklabs recommends using the high-quality earbuds included with the One, we also understand that user choices vary and no one-size fits all. Regardless of the headphone model you select, make sure the device fits comfortably, includes good bass, and blocks out external noise.

NOTE: Heart and body sounds can be heard only at low frequencies, which is why good bass in the headphones is so important. 

The headphones we prefer for use with the Thinklabs One are as follows:

  • Beats Pro
  • SkullCandy Crusher
  • SkullCandy Hesh 3 (over-the-ear)
  • AKG Y40 (on-the-ear)

NOTE: Wireless headphones come with a stereo cable for both charging and auscultation. Additionally, noise-cancelling headphones usually have their own built-in amplifiers, so you can get great results with those devices as well.

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