How do I wirelessly connect the One to my Bluetooth headphones?

The Hagibis X2 transmitter (available in the Thinklabs store) connects to most A2DP receivers such as Bluetooth-enabled headphones, earbuds, and loudspeakers. A2DP is, more or less, the default protocol for streaming audio over Bluetooth. Most Bluetooth devices available today use this protocol. To connect the One to your receiver using the Hagibis Bluetooth transmitter, follow the steps below.

NOTE: The Bluetooth connection between the Hagibis X2 (transmitter) and the headphones or other receiver does NOT require a phone, tablet, or computer. Rather, it is a direct connection between the two devices.

STEP 1: Plug the Hagibis Bluetooth transmitter into the port on the side of the One.

STEP 2: Press any of the One control buttons for two seconds to turn on the stethoscope.

STEP 3: Check to make sure the volume is set to a median level on the One.

For more information, see Adjusting the Volume on the One.

STEP 4: Hold the large button on the Hagibis Bluetooth transmitter until the lights on the device turn on.

STEP 5: If the light is green, hold the small button until the light switches colors to blue, as shown below.

A green light flashing in short iterations means the device is in receive mode. A blue light flashing in short iterations means the device is in transmit mode. The device must be in transmit mode to connect to your headphones or speaker.

NOTE: If the light is already flashing blue, skip this step and move to STEP 6.

STEP 6: Press and hold the large button until the Hagibix X2 powers down (lights turn off).

STEP 7 : Press and hold the large button for at least seven seconds to power on the Hagibis X2 and set the device in pairing mode.

NOTE: When the device is in pairing mode, the blue light will flash in quick iterations. If you release the button too early, the device will flash blue in shorter iterations, but it will not be in pairing mode. You will need to follow these steps again from STEP 5.

STEP 8: Turn on your headphones or speaker and set them in pairing mode.

Different manufacturers pair devices differently. If you are unsure how to configure your headphones or speakers to pairing mode, check the manufacturer's documentation for more information. When both the Hagibis X2 and your headphones or speaker are pairing, they will find each other. Please make sure the two devices are within close range of each other (a foot or less).

STEP 9: Bluetooth Connection

When the two devices connect, you will be able to hear sounds through the Thinklabs One on your headphones or speaker.

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