Does the Thinklabs One connect to a Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid?

Thinklabs does not offer an option to connect the One wirelessly to Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids. However, we do offer alternative options described below to assist the hearing-impaired.

OPTION 1: (RECOMMENDED) Purchase high quality over-the-ear headphones and connect them directly to the Thinklabs One. Adjust the combined volume settings on both devices as needed to obtain premium sound. The enclosed listening environment will assist many users who are hard-of-hearing as well as those who wear hearing aids.

OPTION 2: Insert the 90-degree plug from the male-to-male audio cable into the Thinklabs One and then insert the other plug into the 3.5mm jack of a hearing aid streamer. Next, connect the streamer wirelessly to the hearing aid via Bluetooth. 

For more information, refer to the streamer manufacturer's documentation. Additionally, keep in mind that this is subject to individual testing that may produce varying results depending on your level of hearing loss. For more information, please see your audiologist.

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