Setting Your Favorite Filters

The Thinklabs One has 5 possible filter settings, from low pitch to high, to full bandwidth. You can select any 2 of these 5 filters as "Favorites". The only difference between a Favorite and any other filter is that it is quicker to switch between the two Favorites, by simply CLICKING the Filter key. However, at ANY time, you can change one Favorite to a new setting while keeping the other Favorite.

To switch BETWEEN Favorites, simply CLICK the Filter key. It will ALTERNATE the Favorites, allowing you to rapidly switch between them.

To change a favorite filter, push and hold the ‘f’ button for 2 seconds until you see the two LEDs move position.

Release the button and repeat the push and hold steps until  you have chosen your first favorite filter  setting.

To change your second default setting. Click the ‘f’ button and repeat the push and hold steps until you reach your second favorite filter setting.

Now you have saved your 2 favorite filter settings!

The One is factory-set to a lower frequency for heart sounds and a higher frequency for lung sounds.

o o - - - -   = Lowest pitch for heart.

- - o o - -   = Mid to higher pitch for lungs

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