Introduction to Frequency Filters

Frequency Filters on the One allow you to amplify specific body sounds. This is similar to Bell and Diaphragm modes, where you use Bell for lower-pitched heart sounds, and Diaphragm for higher-pitched lung sounds. Unlike a conventional stethoscope, you don’t turn the One over, but you can select for lower frequency or higher frequency body sounds. Pitch, or frequency, is measured in Hertz and represented graphically on the low-to-high Hertz scale.

The One is factory-set to a lower frequency for heart sounds and a higher frequency for lung sounds. You can change quickly between the two by clicking the ‘f’ button.

In addition to filter settings, you can change the frequency response by applying more or less pressure on the diaphragm.

To find out more about the frequency filter settings in One, please see the insert included with the stethoscope ("The Audio Filters in Your One") and check out the Filter Selection section of the manual.

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