How do I check the battery level on the Thinklabs One?

NOTE: For information on the battery life of the Thinklabs One, click here

STEP 1: Press any of the four control buttons for two seconds to power on the device. When the LEDs come on, release the button.

The device will remain on until you manually shut it off or the auto-shutoff time has expired.

NOTE: If the One does not power on, charge your device for at least four hours and then try again.

STEP 2: Immediately power down the One by simultaneously pressing the Alt and Minus control buttons for two seconds. When the LEDs shut off, release the button.

 As the device is powering down, the battery level will flash across the 0-10 scale.

 The point at which the LED stops flashing prior to shutting down is the current battery level.

The further to the right at which the LED stops flashing, the more power the battery has. The further to the left the LED flashes, the closer to depletion the battery has become.

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