How do I record sounds on mobile devices with the Thinklabs Wave app?

NOTE: These steps are for recording to a mobile device. For steps on recording sounds to a PC, click here.

STEP 1: Set up the Thinklink Mobile Kit and connect it to your mobile device. To view these setup steps, click here.

The Thinklink Mobile Kit will appear as follows when it is properly connected to both the Thinklabs One and to your mobile device.

STEP 2: Navigate to the Thinklabs Wave app in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and click the Download icon to install the app on your mobile device.

STEP 3: When the app has finished installing on your device, click Open.

STEP 4: When the Login page appears, click Register.

STEP 5: Set up a Thinklabs account by filling in the fields of the Create Thinklabs Account window.

When you have completed the form, click the check box to accept the Terms and Conditions and then click Register. The app will immediately open on your screen.

STEP 6: Click OK to enable the app to access the mobile device's microphone.

STEP 7: Press Record to begin recording auscultation sounds from the Thinklabs One.

NOTE: Before you begin recording, make sure you adjust the volume on the One to a low/medium level, and you have the Thinklabs ear buds inserted into your ears.

STEP 8: When you are done recording, click Stop.

STEP 9: (Optional) Click Play to play back the recording.

STEP 10: Click Save.

STEP 11: Click Save.

The file will be saved to the Thinklabs Wave File Browser. 

STEP 11: Click the hamburger menu and then select File Browser.

The File Browser appears as shown below and will store any recordings you want to save.

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