How do I pinpoint recorded sounds from the Body View in Thinklabs Wave?

NOTE: If you have never recorded onto a mobile device using the free Thinklabs Wave app, click here

STEP 1: Connect your mobile device and the Thinklabs One to Thinklink. For more information, click here.

STEP 2: Open the Thinklabs Wave app on your mobile device.

NOTE: Any bugs you may encounter in the Thinklabs Wave app are currently being addressed.

STEP 3: Click the hamburger menu and then select Body View.

The Body View panel will appear as shown below.

STEP 4: (Optional) Click the toggle switch in the footer to Lung if you are performing posterior auscultations.

STEP 5: Insert the Thinklabs ear buds into your ears and hold the stethoscope to the patient's skin at one of the locations represented by the red and black indicators on the Body View.

STEP 6: When you are ready to record, press the desired indicator and the app will begin recording.

The app will record from the selected position for up to 20 seconds. When the recording is complete, the app will display a green check mark as shown below.

STEP 7: Click the Play toggle and then press the Play icon to play back the recording.

STEP 8: When you are finished, click Save or Discard.

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