What can I do to create the best recordings on my mobile device?

To ensure you are receiving the best recordings possible from the Thinklabs One on your mobile device, follow the best practices listed below.

  • Set up the Thinklink Mobile Kit properly according to the steps listed here.
  • Ensure you are listening in via the connected headphones while performing the auscultation recording.
  • Apply the Thinklabs One to the patient's skin rather than over their clothing.
  • Minimize movement of the stethoscope against the patient's chest.
  • If you are receiving too much ambient noise, try different filters. For more information on changing filters, click here.
  • If parts of the recording are cut off, click here for more information on¬†clipping.

If you have followed all of these best practices, but you are still having trouble, please email us at support@thinklabs.com.

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