How do I set the auto-shutoff time on the Thinklabs One?

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Thinklabs One is designed to shut off automatically to maximize your battery life. By default, the One is configured to shut off after two minutes although you can modify it to shut off after as many as ten minutes. To configure the auto-shutoff time to your desired number of minutes, follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Press any of the four control buttons for two seconds to power on the device. When the LEDs come on, release the button.

STEP 2: Press the Alt button (as shown below) one time for each minute you would like to add to the shutoff time.

For example, a five-minute auto-shutoff time means you press the Alt button five times.

NOTE: The maximum number of minutes for the auto-shutoff is ten.

STEP 3: Press and hold the Alt button for approximately 15 seconds until the One shuts down.

The One is now configured to your selected auto-shutoff time. When you restart the device, it will shut down automatically after your selected number of minutes has lapsed. If you would like to disable this feature (not recommended), seeĀ Disabling Auto-shutoff.

WARNING! We do not recommend disabling the auto-shutoff feature for clinical use, but if you are using the One for research or other special projects, please contact Thinklabs for assistance.

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